I would like to volunteer, how do I get started? Sign up through this website at volunteers@hbsanc.org

What are the benefits of volunteering? Engagement with the club, having an impact, free attendance at events where you volunteer.

What does a HBSA/NC volunteer do? Anything from helping at an event that you are attending (arriving early to help set up, manning the name tag/registration table, staying late to help close the event) to creating and running new events to being an officer of the club. There is a separate volunteering program called Community Partners: for more information on that program visit http://www.hbscp.org/

How much time will volunteering take? Depends on the volunteer role. Those with limited time can volunteer for one event only which would usually involve arriving early and leaving late.

What kind of support will I get from HBSA/NC? We are here for you, to train you and give you information in these volunteer pages.

Can anyone volunteer? Club volunteers should be current club members. Occasionally spouses also volunteer with their spouse.

Do I have to have meetings in my home or office? We do not have a meeting space available for club meetings, but often they happen virtually or at Starbucks.

How many of my own resources, supplies, etc. will I need to provide? If you are volunteering for a club event the supplies will be available at the event and you will attend the event for free.

How does HBSA/NC recognize/award their Volunteers? If there are announcements at events the volunteers will be identified and thanked. There are periodic volunteer meetings with optional attendance but are a chance to learn more about the club and the other volunteers.